Physical M​​ΞΞts Digital


Physical art, destroyed to live for eternity on the blockchain.

Physical Meets Digital is Owlet’s genesis NFT collection, featuring 19 x 1/1 NFTs with varying attributes that each represent a unique part of a larger cohesive physical painting.

The collection highlights the possibilities for physical and digital art to co-exist, while creating real value for collectors and providing additional experiences that could not have been done before smart contract [NFT] technology.

View the official collection on OpenSea.

Perks of Ownership

  • Complementary signed physical print

  • Exclusive airdrops

  • Early access to future collections

Equity in Future Sales

Owning any of the pieces from the middle row (Arm of the Sea, Earth Meets Ocean or Shore Break) entitles the collector to a share of royalties (20% total) from Owlet’s physical print sales for the “Physical Meets Digital” collection.


Earth Meets Ocean

Earth Meets Ocean is the centre-piece of the Physical Meets Digital collection and will be auctioned on Wed 12 Jan 8AM UTC / 7PM AEDT via OpenSea.

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The winning bidder will receive:
  • Earth Meets Ocean 1/1 NFT
  • Equity in Owlet’s “Physical Meets Digital” print sales*
  • Complementary signed print from Owlet
  • Exclusive airdrops
  • Early access to future drops

The runner up will receive a complementary signed print.



If you own ANY of the NFTs from the Physical Meets Digital collection before Fri 31 Jan 8AM UTC / 7PM AEDT, you go in the draw to win:

1x physical painting from Owlet (valued at $2000)

1x signed physical print (valued at $200)

1x NFT

The winner will be announced by Owlet on her Twitter page.

View the official collection on OpenSea.

Watch the Aftermovie

The aftermovie for the Physical Meets Digital Event is now live!